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Education Partnership

Welcome to St. Benedict School. We are happy you have chosen St. Benedict for the education of your children. Naturally, we hope you will be happy, too, with that decision. So let us assure you that the faculty, staff, and administration will work very hard to provide the best education possible, by using as a foundation the curriculum created by the Diocese of Toledo and approved by the Department of Education and the state of Ohio.

Parents (that’s you) are a very important part of that education process. We look to you as the primary educators of your children who will partner with us to do the best for your child.  We also have a very dedicated PTO that is always looking for more great parents!

We look forward to nurturing that partnership through academic, religious, cultural, and extra-curricular offerings at St. Benedict Catholic School.

School Information


August 16      Supply Night - Grades 1-8, 5-6:30pm
August 16      Kindergarten Orientation Mtg (parents only) 6-7pm
August 17      First Day of School Grades 1-8
August 17      Kindergarten Phase-In (A-L)
August 18      Kindergarten Phase-In (M-Z)
August 21      PreK Phase -in 4 year olds
August 22     PreK Phase -in 3 year olds

2017-2018 School Calendar

2017-2018 Supply List

2017-2018 St. Benedict Family Handbook

2017-2018 Field Trip Permission Slip.

It is the policy of St. Benedict Catholic School that all students K – 8 wear uniforms. School uniforms have a direct bearing on discipline and creation of a desirable atmosphere for learning. Our school uniform fosters unity and pride in being a St. Benedict Catholic School student while focusing on Catholic teachings and academics. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are expected to follow the dress code (Preschool students are not required to wear uniforms). Respect for the dress code and neatness in dress sets a tone of serious commitment to a learning environment.   Parents/guardians are encouraged to help enforce this dress code. School uniforms can be purchased through our preferred vendor, Schoolbelles, which is located across from Elder Beerman on Secor Road. If you tell them you are from St. Benedict, they will know exactly which plaid. At the beginning of the year students may wear navy shorts (k-5) with white collared shirts or khaki shorts (6-8) with a white collared shirt. The entire dress code in included in the Family Handbook which is posted on our school’s website, and families will receive a Handbook copy at the beginning of the school year.


Educating a child is a collaborative endeavor and this is more evident with Catholic schools. Catholic schools are the means by with our faith is passed from one generation to another. Faith teachings are integrated into all aspects of school life. Having parents/guardians involved with this school life only strengthens this bond. St. Benedict would like to encourage parents/guardians to be a volunteer and support St. Benedict. There are a number of ways to volunteer your time, so please contact your child’s teacher, PTO, or contact Diane Spetz (school secretary). Here are just a few opportunities, but definitely not limited to, where families can volunteer:
• Lunch room help/supervision
• Recess help/supervision
• Field trip chaperone/transportation (we rely on parent transportation)
• Classroom projects activities
Student safety and security is our primary concern. St. Benedict requires any interested volunteer to complete specific requirements. There is no cost to any of these requirements, but the requirements must be completed and on file in advance. Please inquire with your child’s teacher, Diane Spetz (school secretary), or Christine Lewinski (school business manager) for more information. These requirements can also be found in the St. Benedict Family Handbook.

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